Welcome to the web site of Commission for concessions of Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Dear guests,

it is our pleasure to present you the web site of our institution and we hope that it will help you to find out all relevant information about organization, authorities and activities of Commission for concessions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Commission is an independent regulator which acts as awarding commission when it is about concessions in sole jurisdiction of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and as part of Joint commission when it is about concessions where jurisdiction is shared with lower levels of governance. Commission is dedicated to help economic development of our country by providing ways for private sector to be involved in financing, designing, developing, reconstructing, maintaining and/or managing infrastructure, services, exploiting natural resources and objects used for that purpose, making sure, in the same time, that environment is adequately protected and the private sector entities are equally treated.

We are dedicated to professionalism and transparency, according to the highest levels of conduct. Hopefully, this homepage will provide readers with useful information about the Commission in terms of its structure, functions, and concessions-related policies. Here you are recommended to ask any questions, request further information, or freely express your opinions.

Hamed Mesanovic
President of Commission for concessions of Bosnia and Herzegovina


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